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My Philosophy: I do this to help people. I take the approach that working with an attorney should be simple and not as difficult as often made to be. My response to your questions generally begin with a counseling, “Yes, if… ” rather than an absolute “No!” My aggressiveness is saved for the zealous representation for those adversaries that run counter to  my client’s pursuit of justice. I prepare my cases as they should be, to go to trial. We have no qualms about taking your case the distance and are prepared to do so in each and every case.

I graduated law school in 2002 at the ripe age of 24. Rather than immediately practicing, I owned and operated a business for four years providing everyday people access to the American Dream. Learning the fundamentals of business, real estate, financing and employee rights was a proper foundation and invaluable to my overall business insight.

Next, my legal knowledge and everyday experience allowed me to share my legal acumen as an adjunct professor of legal studies for an American Bar Association certified legal program. Here, I relished in providing young minds the fundamentals of various legal fields and civil procedure framework. I truly believe the best way to master and sharpen any professional expertise is to do so through the art of teaching others.

Over the past seven years, I have met and worked for some great attorneys and law firms. Having mentors that you can learn a degree of skill from is essential in the practice of law. Under the tutelage of these fine attorneys, I learned the art of litigation including real estate, family, employment, criminal, personal injury (products liability and environmental tort) and bankruptcy law. Honing my legal skills in these areas of practice would provide me the ability to provide my clients with the best representation from advocacy, skills of negotiation, litigation and all the way through trial team work.

Now, as a licensed attorney, I have the luxury in private practice to work with clients in need of my service. I get to know my clients well, and work with them to provide the solutions that best resolve the legal issues they may encounter in their daily lives. We are a client-oriented firm and are zealous in our pursuit of justice on their behalf.  Call or Email today, we can help.



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1613 Chelsea Road, Suite 186

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